Return of NYC’s Broadway signals bounce back of American economy


Broadway is back! The return of the nation’s famous theater circuit stands to signal a bounce back for the American economy. 

In an exclusive interview with theGrio, Tony Award-winning actor James Monroe Iglehart, who portrays Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the Broadway hit, Hamilton, said the reopening of shows signals the return of the nation’s economy. 

According to Iglehart, during the months that Broadway was shut down, countless numbers of jobs and businesses were halted and in worse cases lost entirely.

“When you talk about the numbers of people on Broadway, you don’t realize how large it is because it’s not just the actors, it’s not just the musicians. It’s not just the crew,” Iglehart said. “Broadway facilitated jobs for all of those smaller businesses that are around Broadway … the hotels, the restaurants, the bakeries, all little sandwich places.”

Speaking of restaurants, the food industry has been so severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic that President Joe Biden unveiled an initiative for restaurant revitalization at a tune of $28.6 billion as part of his COVID-19 relief package. 

Restaurant owners are applauding the administration’s efforts, but believe the initiatives will not be quite enough to make them whole from the devastating impacts of the pandemic.